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past ten days

i can’t believe how hard the past ten days or so have been.  there was one surgery, two deaths, and another surgery coming up for families of my friends.  i had a difficult time doing my work as one might expect since i get affected by things that are going on around me.  since i’ve been at my church, we’ve never had a funeral until yesterday.  i don’t know if there have been others.  it was sad.  i helped organize for the refreshments after the funeral service.  we didn’t know how many people were going to come so we prepared tons of food.  people were happy to take left overs home.

anyway since i wasn’t able to really concentrate last week, i haven’t written my paper which is due tuesday.  a complete draft of the thesis for graduation is due tomorrow!  i am so thankful that my advisor is going to let me turn in one paper now and then the rest later.  how did this semester pass by so fast?

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