swine flu?

today is wednesday. i have been sick since sunday. i definitely have a cold or a flu of some kind. i looked up swine flu symptoms yesterday. and boy do the symptoms sound non specific or what? only thing i could tell is that if you have swine flu you have a high fever and cough a lot. don’t most flu or cold symptoms consist of the same?

i don’t think i’m dying or anything. i started out coughing a lot. i mean a lot. it would hurt so much to cough. then second day i was mostly just congested. really congested. then i started feeling really tired and weak. today, the fourth day of being sick, i noticed i have muscle aches like i worked out for hours or something.

anyway, i guess swine flu is so much a concern because some people die from it. but as for what makes it noticeably different from other kinds of flu or colds, i could not tell.

best part about being sick? my bf “brought” me porridge from bonjuk. well, he came over, picked me up and we went to go pick it up together. 😛 anyway, it was nice not being all by myself when i was feeling so sick.

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