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getting less for more money

i’ve been doing amtrak from penn station ny to south station boston once a week for the past 3 weeks. i do love the fact that there is one power outlet per seat. but at least in coach class, no free wifi. so i tether with my iphone and the connection goes in and out. try listening or watching a baseball game on 3G as it goes in and out of range. not fun.

commuter rail in boston gets wifi. amtrak train rides costs a lot more than commuter rail trains rides. getting less for paying more money, nice way to keep customers satisfied, right???

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The MBTA trains are diesel powered; Amtrak is electric powered. The electric lines above the trains, called catenary, produce enormous amounts of electromagnetic interference, which makes delivering wifi much, much harder. It is in test on some Acela trains, and coming slowly, but that’s why it’s not here now. Nobody wants to deliver this more than Amtrak – we hear ir from people every day.


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