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That was my dinner last night. First meal of coronavirus ration – chicken cutlet, sliced tomatoes and corned can with sauce made of mayonnaise and ketchup. Can I eat dinners like this and start losing weight, again???

I struggle with my weight, not my entire life, but most of my adult life. I have lost weight over and over again, but then I gain part of it back. So I wouldn’t say weight lost efforts have all been in vain. But for sure, maintenance is the hardest part of weight loss.

Most recently I have lost about 30 lbs, mostly from exercising, counting calories and doing whole30 diet repeatedly. But once I reached my goal weight, I started gaining weight, and couldn’t turn around the direction my scale was going. So now I am approaching my starting weight.

Just read an article on NYTimes that has a paragraph that speaks to me at this time in my weight loss journey:

“Rather than constant deprivation and self-denial, I practice moderation. The study’s co-author, Gary Foster, who is chief scientific officer for WW, explained that in the WW program, “Everything is on the menu. Fad diets are overly restrictive, which dooms them from the onset. We advocate moderation, we’re anti-dieting. People have to find habits and routines that make long-term weight loss sustainable.”” See article : How to Lost Weight and Keep it Off

After I reached my goal weight, I started eating food that had been “barred” from my diet, most carbs and some sweets. Once you start not following a strict regimen, it’s really hard to go back to following any set of strict rules for dieting.

I started seeing the scale go down again recently. The secret to success will have to be told later when I reach my goal weight and maintain for years, not just months. But to turn the scale around, to make it head downward, and not upward is quite a challenge on its own.

My program is simple – create a calorie deficit by moving (mostly going jogging and walking) and using up about, or more calories than I take in by eating.

I do know the secret to success. I just have to practice it:

Keep going and do not give up!!

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