coping skills reflections

are covid-19 mondays more difficult!?

one of the challenges of being at home for weeks with out no determinate date when things will change is that days and weeks have become indistinguishable. paradoxically? or ironically? mondays are hard still because it is a monday, and also because it feels like today and tomorrow are barely distinguishable! normally, weekends, and especially sundays have made week’s transitions meaningful as i preach or attend services. as i’m reflecting on why sundays now have lost its time marking function, i think it’s the in person interactions on sundays with others at church that seems to have made a significant difference in my mind that a new week was starting!

how have you found ways to mark each day and especially to feel the transition of weeks in meaningful ways to keep going each day making the most out of it rather than feeling like today, tomorrow, what’s the difference?

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