coping skills reflections

since the last time i painted

last time i painted was about 4 years ago. i couldn’t have told you that on my own. but facebook memory popped up and reminded me. the thing is, i love painting. i lose track of time. it is the one thing that takes me away from everything and totally immerses me in the act of creating fluidly and in ways that are uniquely me. since i last painted, i have kept myself busy pursuing theological studies. lately, i write rather than paint. it doesn’t come as easily as painting does. but creative energy flowing through me when i write is amazing and so intensely fulfilling. for now, until i can put together my chapters into a dissertation, i may not get to paint more. but while i am in a period of break from painting, i will be using words to create images, ideas, arguments and trying to convey knowledge, raising questions and trying to provide insights. i am grateful that whether through painting or writing that i can express my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideas, and have an opportunity to be an artist in my own right.

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