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who am i? – my first 5 mile run

a month ago, i could barely run a mile. then i ran a 3 mile to raise funds and awareness for suicide prevention on 9/26. and then two days ago, on 10/16/2020, i ran my first 5 mile run! i can’t believe it still.

since april, i lost over 40 lbs. to lose the weight, i ate healthier food and ate smaller portions. and i walked everyday. i couldn’t jog for long, but would jog for short periods of time when i felt motivated. weight loss has given me confidence that i can do other things as well, like keep reading and writing even when my concentration isn’t great, or to tackle a sink full of dishes, or to write sermons. well, writing sermons doesn’t require confidence, but when i can’t concentrate on other things, i worry i won’t be able to write a sermon either.

so here we are, october 18. seven months or so after lock down because of corona virus. and about 6 months into mindful eating and consistent exercising, my BMI is close to being in normal range and body fat percentage has been in healthy range for a while now.

i have this unique and special quality about me, which is that when people see i can do something, they believe they can too. a friend saw me in a writing workshop and she believed if i can write a dissertation, so can she. so i want to pass that on to you. yes, you. today, start today. i don’t have super powers. my only super power if there is such a thing is to do everyday the same things even if i failed to do them the day before. weight loss isn’t just about appearance. it’s about healthier organs, better heart and lung capacity, less pain and stress on joints, and empowerment that you can do anything if you put your mind to something. and yes, if i can lose weight so can you. and if i can move everyday, so can you. there’s nothing special about me that enabled me to lose weight or to run 5 miles, which by the way is the longest distance i have ever run, and let me tell you to be able to do this in my late forties is a shock to my mother who gave birth to me as well as my sisters who knew me for their entire lives, and to my close friends as well. so surprise those around you. lose weight. get healthier. start today. the rest of your life depends on it.

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