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baby steps

What can I accomplish today? I think my mind can definitely limit what I can do today. I woke up with doubts and worries about progress I am making on my writing. Will I make progress in time to meet the deadlines? Only God knows and no one can tell, except that I can surely become an obstacle to my own productivity. So I decided to journal. By writing down scattered thoughts, I was hoping to at least see the floating thoughts on a page. The worries are more scary and seem bigger when they are haunting us, circling around, snowballing, and growing into bigger concerns than they might be. And then I took some deep breathes, to be able to hear myself read and think. No matter how many things I have to do, if I can’t do one thing in the present moment, I can’t get to anything else I feel I need to get done. So that’s all. Calming down to do one thing at a time and taking baby steps. Even thousand steps starts with one small step, one right after another. See you later, my worries and anxieties. See you after I get some writing done!

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