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habit vs will power and weight loss

I lost 50 lbs during covid lock down! not 5, not 15, but five – zero, 50 lbs. I can’t even believe it myself. So if you are amazed, I understand. One of the “secrets” is building healthy habits rather than looking to will power of singular actions to deliver results. I have tried Whole30 diet to lose weight and have lost weight too. But I would gain the weight back, as soon as the 30 days were over and I couldn’t wait to eat what I had been deprived of during the diet.

My highest weight was 207 lb, but at the beginning of covid, my weight was 185 lbs. Now I’m about 135 lbs. 185 – 135 = 50. I’m doing my math correctly, yes? I’m still losing weight. So I can’t tell you that I have maintained this weight for such and such time. But as I continue to do what I have been doing, I am still losing weight. I think continuing to lose weight is a kind of maintenance in a way?

So what are some healthy habits I incorporated and how did I do it? I’ll be writing about that soon… In the mean time, two things.

This pod cast by Hidden Brain on habits is excellent. on iTunes

I highly recommend Juliana Rico, weight loss coach and personal trainer. I have worked with Juliana over the past few years in my weight loss journey. She has taught me so much about nutrition and weight loss. Website – Follow her on –Instagram/Juliana_Rico or

Also, a friend, Tina Hong, who is a nutrition coach is doing a 2021 challenge for mind-body Jan 4-8 so sign up soon! – 5 PRICELESS SECRETS to OWN a UNSTOPPABLE MIND & BODY in 2021. Find her website here –

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