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done with weight loss

Something just occurred to me. I’m not super concerned about weight loss any more. I gained about 4 pounds last week, then went down about 4 pounds this week. So I’m hovering around a weight I feel comfortable to live in. I can lose more body fat, I can get stronger, I can increase my endurance when I’m exercising, etc. and these are all on going goals to be striving for. But I’m not chasing a specific number on the scale or a size. I’m just happy to have be able to move my body without pain and moderate effort! I think I have just entered a new stage in my weight loss journey – maintenance of a healthy body at a livable weight! It’s new and strange to be here. But I’m happy to be here and feel fortunate to be in a healthy BMI and Body Fat Percentage! Woohoo! Reached a mile stone in weight loss today! Now I can focus on preaching and writing my dissertation. And yes, of course healthy eating is at the foundation of healthy life style! I live a healthy life style in order to be my best self and to be productive in reaching my goals! Thanks be to God!

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