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the joy of jogging

I haven’t been jogging in couple months. But this morning, I jogged a mile. At first the air was cold and it was had to breathe. But once I got used to it, I was amazed I was jogging at all after a break from jogging! My thought was to jog first block, but then changed to half a mile, then I decided to keep going to make one mile. I’m sure this wasn’t an accident. I had planned out the weekend exercise plan. Walk Friday, Saturday, jog a mile, Sunday walk. But this morning, I thought, why not see if I can jog at all? And nothing feels better than getting your goals met ahead of your planned date! I am documenting this experience to remember that when I jog, I feel super competent and energized. I believe I am feeling happy and elated at this morning. And all that after jogging just one mile. One mile isn’t impossible. Try it, if you have healthy knees and feel like you want to walk faster but can’t quite move fast enough to get a good heart rate going. So amazing! Getting healthy never felt better!

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