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dizziness not vertigo

I have been experiencing dizziness – not vertigo – during the past month or so. It’s really quite frustrating and limiting in ways I can live my life! When I get dizzy, it lasts few hours and sometimes happens consecutive days for few days, but not continuously. So I have gone to my primary care doctor, then specialists and had different tests done, including MRI. I have close to a diagnosis which is vestibular migraine. Basically it’s a condition of feeling dizzy or experiencing vertigo with or without migraine! It comes and goes, never with a warning. So it’s hard to know what I can get done later in the day. If I am dizzy early in the day, I can’t tell when I won’t feel dizzy. And if i am not dizzy early in the day, I can’t tell how late in the day I won’t feel dizzy until! I am hoping the dizziness will slowly just go away. And if it doesn’t, will I have to just get used to it? All in all, life during pandemic has not been too too bad, until I started experiencing dizziness, episodic, recurring, unpredictable, and lasting for hours at a time, if not days. Oh, Lord, have mercy!

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