Our Abba Father

Today, let us think about the adoption. Our adoption. We are brothers and sisters in Christ! For sure, most definitely, for once and for all, even if you are in your house alone, even if you were disowned by your family, or even if you feel you are not connected to friends and family, you […]

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a good enough dissertation

I have a defense draft of dissertation! I consider it a “good enough” dissertation, as in Winnicott’s concept of a “good enough mother.” I don’t mean that my dissertation isn’t good. I just mean that I did my best not being a perfectionist and practically speaking it’s better than a perfect draft of a dissertation […]

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weight loss tip

The deli owner lady around the corner saw me yesterday and told me she was so impressed with my weight loss. I lost about 50 lbs last year and gained back about 15 lbs this year. She asked me how I did it, what I eat, etc. So I told her that I don’t eat […]

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God is love

In these days, do you feel like you are running out of energy, or motivation, or patience, or even love? Yes, the world has been a difficult place to be. Only couple weeks ago, the jury reach a verdict finding the former police officer Derek Chauvin guilty of killing George Floyd by kneeling on his […]