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a good enough dissertation

I have a defense draft of dissertation! I consider it a “good enough” dissertation, as in Winnicott’s concept of a “good enough mother.” I don’t mean that my dissertation isn’t good. I just mean that I did my best not being a perfectionist and practically speaking it’s better than a perfect draft of a dissertation which exists no where in reality. I have never made it so far in a phd program to have a draft of a dissertation.

My dissertation is about trauma and theology. I can’t wait for it to be a book! But first I have to defend it. Get a PhD degree. And hopefully get a job. I really think my book is relevant to the times we are living in and might be of help to some people who are going through difficult times. Does everyone think that about their own dissertation?

I am so thankful and amazed to be here. I thank God. I thank my parents, especially my mom. And family and friends near and far. I know it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it takes a village to write a dissertation also! If you wrote your dissertation entirely on your own, you probably had a really rough time and hopefully were able to complete it. But honestly, it’s so much nicer and manageable to feel like you have support and encouragement of your friends and family, not to mention your committee and especially your advisor! I also hugely benefitted from my writing buddies! And I was prayerful myself and also was prayed for by my bible study group and so many of my friends who are religious/spiritual!

Yay! A major accomplishment. A milestone in my life. I haven’t defended yet, but it feels amazing to have a dissertation draft that can is defense ready! I mean, I hope it’s defense ready. But not perfect. It’s a work in progress, as every paper I have ever completed was also a work in progress. And I am a work in progress, so it’s fitting that anything I create is also a work in progress even when it is completed! What is the most biggest accomplishment you were amazed you got to finish?

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