PhD Life reflections


uncertainties in life are difficult to manage. as long as I was working towards getting my PhD I always knew what I had to do next and then after that and then after that. Ever since turning in my defended, revised final draft of dissertation, I am a bit at a loss what to do. Not to say that I don’t have things to do. I am looking for jobs and have a class to prepare teaching for as an adjunct. I still want to stay healthy by eating healthy and exercising regularly. But I don’t have the kind of clarity I used to feel pre-completion of phd program.

I’m kind of wishing there was an orientation for those who are leaving phd programs! Like orientation to life after phd program, especially if you don’t have a full time job yet and are still trying to piece together a viable post-student life! This lack of sense of clarity and direction and purposeful drive is really something of a daunting force. People are like, life must feel less stressful after your phd. But I’m like, I knew what I needed to do to get to where I wanted to get to during the phd program. But life after phd is much harder, more complicated, and even a bit scary at times!

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