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There’s no doubt in my mind that maintaining a healthy life style and healthy weight is extremely difficult. I was able to lose 50 lbs during 2020, during the lock-down and all. I went from 185 to 133 lbs. Then from January 2021 till now, mid-September, I gained back about 30 lbs. Isn’t losing weight so hard once you start gaining weight? I am trying to just maintain, but around May, I started gaining weight. The culprit? Around May, as I was finishing up my dissertation and preparing for defense, I stopped cooking. So I started eating take out food since May. And then Voila, here we have mystery solved. And in addition to eating take-out food I have also been moving less. Wow. Gaining weight and losing weight seemed like out of my control and mysterious how to change things around. But as I started writing this blog, I realized I have to start eating healthy (home cooked) portioned meals and move more than I am now. Will update my progress on resetting and getting back on track in about a month. Just for the record, my current Weight is 160 lbs.

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