When things are hard

When things are hard, it’s challenging to eat healthy. When things are hard, it’s hard to pray. When things are hard, it’s difficult to ask for help. What can you do! I wasn’t sure what I can do to pull myself out of a darker, lonelier, more desolate place than I wanted to be in. I’m supposed to have good coping skills. I’m a clergy, a care provider to others who are in need. On top of hard situation, I felt guilty and inadequate also. When someone is drowning, in theory, you stay calm and put your weight on a life saver without pressing it down out of fear and panic. But when you are in water thinking you could drown, you don’t act rationally. You act out of desperation.

This morning, I felt overwhelmed, stripped of motivation, and couldn’t see the bigger picture. To be honest, I didn’t gracefully pull out of the situation with prayer, or reading the scripture. I got in bed and took a nap at 10 am. The thing about God is that God works with us with what we have and where we are at. I slept maybe an hour. Maybe two hours? Then woke up with selective amnesia about why I had felt so desperate in the first place. Im not proud to say I had to sleep to restore a healthy perspective. But taking a nap was what god granted me and I was about to feel refreshed and renewed.

Hope you have a coping tool that works for you even if it might not sound glamorous! Peace.

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