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update on weight loss June 2022

The world we live in is uncertain, chaotic, and so so frustrating and anxiety provoking. Covid, mass shootings, Supreme Court over turning Roe v Wade, inflation, rising rent costs…anything I missed? We are living through all that on top of normal life issues! So at a time like this, writing about weight loss seems, well, I mean, focusing on weight loss during such a time is so hard, and not sure it’s important or urgent. But yes, yes, health is still important. What difference does any of the rest of the current situations matter if we are not healthy? So here is my update post on my journey to a healthier self.

Some people have luxury to choose to lose weight or not. It can genuinely be fine either way. For me, I have family history of diabetes, heart conditions, to name few things that being over weight is a health risk for me. So of course I want to lose weight for other reasons as well, but most importantly, carrying more weight for me is not the way to a healthier self, for me. I do believe we can be healthy and happy at any weight and size. I want to live a pain free life for as long as I’m alive. I don’t want to have to do dialysis, lose toes, or my vision while I’m alive. So whether I lose one pound a week or a month, or whatever, it’s all good as long as I am lowering fat percentage and losing weight.

So I am on a no restriction diet, meaning I don’t create cravings for myself by telling myself I can’t have something. So, I have been eating mostly all good and mostly all that I want. I had an occasional bag of chips. Occasional carbs like frozen waffles, or french toast! What kind of a diet is this? It’s a life style of choosing to eat what I want, but also listening to my body for hunger and cravings. And, of course, watching portions, and also eating mostly whole foods, like none or minimal process foods, and vegetables, fruit, and protein. One change I did make is switching from almond milk to regular milk because my blood work came back showing low Vitamin D in my body. But other than that, here’s my usual go to food.

Breakfast – yogurt and fruit

Lunch – turkey with Ezekiel bread

Snack – fruit

Dinner – roast beef with Ezekiel bread.

Now, if I ate like this every day, I do lose weight. It’s not rocket science. But life happens, you know? On weekends, once or twice, I’m eating in restaurants. And occasionally I’ll have a treat during the week not on my food plan. So what’s the result of my non-restrictive diet?

I lost about 4-5 pounds in two months. Very slow weight loss, don’t you think? But I think those 4-5 pounds are permanent weight loss! my Body Fat Percentage is under 40% and that’s a huge huge accomplishment for me. So if you are struggling to lose your weight to be healthy, keep going, and as my bestest personal trainer says,

The key to success is consistency, even when motivation is lacking. – Juliana Rico

And, just move. Move when you can, wherever you can, whenever you can to add to health and burning calories! When I can, I skip the subway or car and choose to walk. And I have returned to my gym to swim w-e times a week. And another tip, your weight will fluctuate, your body will retain weight, and you will gain and lose constantly. So don’t focus on the number on the scale, and definitely compare week to week or monthly rather than day to day ups and downs.

Another addition to my life style has been joining a friend on the weight loss journey. We meet once a week, check in about exercising, eating, and weight loss, and exercise together, mostly walking in a park, and yes, we eat a meal together usually also. Having a supportive friend to encourage and who encourages you is definitely a welcome addition to journey of weight loss to get healthy. Building a life worthy is the goal, and I think I’m getting the hang of it!

How are you keeping your body and heart healthy during these tumultuous times?

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