pause reflect

This morning feels like a good opportunity to pause and reflect. As for academic journey, I finished my PhD degree in the summer of 2021. I was an adjunct instructor for 2 years. And happy to report that I do love teaching. Grading was a bit more challenging because I had two classes in the past semester that had over 30 students! I hope that the students learned well even in this bigger class setting! I feel confident now after having taught and graded for two years that I can teach and grade without too much anxiety and worrying plaguing me from inaction.

As for my ministry, I have preached couple times a week faithfully. And I just started moderating session meetings (governing body of a church). And I can’t say with confidence that my preaching has evolved for the better, whatever that would mean. But I do think I preach more clearly, or at least to be more practical for those who are listening.

As for my health, I have gained weight. My weight loss journal has been like a roller coaster ride and a yo-yo! This past spring, I started cooking again. This has been an important change. I lost 50 pounds during the pandemic by exercising and eating home cooked meals that were whole foods and avoiding processed foods. Then in 2021, I somehow got to the point where I did not want to cook any more. So I stopped cooking and that’s when my weight loss really took off. It was a slow process but gaining about 2-3 pounds a month over 2 years, well, you get the picture. And so now that I’m back to cooking again and working with a health coach again, Juliana Rico with whom I lost the first 50 lbs, I am feeling confident and more in control of improving my health.

All in all, I feel great! I thank God for the life I am able to live. I look forward to getting up every morning. I look forward to my breakfast, consisting of oatmeal and boiled eggs. And I try to swim or walk on a daily basis. Renewed commitment to regular movement has been tremendously important to grounding me and keeping me feeling anchored. I feel lighter than I felt a month ago when I started cooking and renewed my commitment to healthy eating. And, honestly, I can’t complain. In fact, I am so thankful, for the life, for the opportunities, for the experiences, and for the rewarding things I have been able to engage in. I am also thankful for those who believe in me and love me and support me. How did I ever manage to lure them into my life to interact with me, I am not sure. Life goes on, whether I like it or not, whether I participate to my best abilities or not, whether I am inactive or active in living a healthy life style. If it’s all the same to the world and to time, and to life, I choose. I choose to live a life of meaning and purpose. I choose a life of healthy living and active, proactive life style. Thanks be to God!

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