Weight loss journey – testimonial

Evolved Fit Facts – Testimonial 20230422

Having worked with Juliana Rico as a personal trainer since 2007, I have grown in strength, mobility, and improved health. During the pandemic, I also worked with Juliana as a health coach, focusing on over all health with the goal of losing weight. We discussed meal plans and eating habits, and Juliana coached me through losing 50 lbs! I reached 135 lbs which was my weight before I started gaining weight 20 years ago! 

After reaching my goal weight, we stopped working on health coaching, but continued with personal training, focusing on strength training. I slowly gained back most of the weight I had lost. And for the past two years, I have been trying to lose the weight by myself since I had once done it and feel I know how and that I can. But the weight wasn’t coming off. 

After much reflection, I realized that knowing how does not equal actually doing things that lead to getting healthy and losing weight! In addition to the knowledge I learned from Juliana during the weight loss, the coaching aspect was crucial to my weight loss. So I took my own advice and started health coaching with Juliana again.

It’s only been a week, but my binge and over eating have subsided. I am understanding better the difference between my cravings vs hunger. I have seen my weight go down during the pandemic, and I know it can go down again. With Julian’s coaching, I know it will. Juliana keeps me accountable, provides me with support and encouragement, helps me to improve my habits, as well as guidance towards better understanding of my thoughts and actions. Most importantly, working with Juliana gives me the confidence and hope which enable me to visualize myself as already having accomplished my health goals. 

Working with Juliana is a delight due to her friendly, positive, and active listening skills. She is insightful at solving problems to overcome emotional attachment to food and discovering reasons why I keep doing things that are not helping me to reach my goals. I highly recommend Juliana Rico for both health coaching and personal training. I have seen visible and concrete results that are transformative—to be and to live as a healthier, stronger version of myself! 

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