about me

revalicekim, MDiv, STM, BCC, PhD, is a pastor, chaplain, and theologian. I preach regularly in local churches in NYC. Ask about guest preaching!

…going for transparency here, but it’s not easy… i started writing because i had to write. i was in too much pain not to write. now i write because i’m not suffering the way i used to and i’m thankful for the way God has walked with me even through the darkest valleys…

I completed my Master of Divinity at Harvard Divinity School and Master of Sacred Theology at Boston University School of Theology. Recently, I completed my PhD from Drew University. I wrote a PhD dissertation: “Theology of Traumatic Affect: A religious and political response to trauma. I construct a theology of trauma using affect theory. I am interested in how faith might facilitate getting through suffering and traumatic experience. But in turn, suffering and traumatic experience can also shape our theology. My training as a pastor and chaplain is helping me to construct theology of trauma. Hoping my dissertation can be published as a book! Stay tuned, friends.


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yes. well a long time ago i made a blog and wanted to name it “bluemoon” but that name was taken so i chose “bleuemoon.” and now the name stuck. šŸ™‚


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