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may our eyes be opened

One Easter Sunday we celebrate Jesus’ victory over death. But how are we to understand the death of Jesus? And the resurrection? Easter refers to the crucifixion and death of Jesus on Good Friday, Holy or Silent Saturday and Resurrection Sunday. I would describe Good Friday as devastating, Holy Saturday as plunging into the depths of […]


Holy Saturday

Waking up today I feel honest and true to the day. I am “looking forward” to Holy Saturday to be as I am and not feel I have to feel ok, or pull myself up to be more put together than I am. I want to “remain” here where I don’t have to pretend I […]

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“For whom are you looking?”

What does Easter mean to you? Why are we gathered here now together in spirit, despite being separated physically by sheltering in place? Why do people who don’t normally come to church think to come on Easter Sunday? And how are you celebrating Easter? Is how you are celebrating Easter tied to your understanding of […]