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rough week to preaching on Sunday

How does one go from having had a really rough week to preaching on Sunday? And of all things, lectionary this week is on the B-attitudes? Blessed are… I certainly did not feel blessed this week in any stretch of the imagination. I felt awful, felt disappointed and sad, and just all around not had a good week.

However, believe it or not, what kept me going was the fact that I had a preaching and leading worship on my schedule. I am thankful and am in fact blessed even though I did not feel as such during the week, that my friends love and care for me and know how to support me and hold me accountable when I’m floundering!

On the worst day of this week, I got text check-ins throughout the day from a friend, then next day another friend spent time with me and is going to hear me preach this morning, and all in all, I gotta say, God, you sure know how to come through! God, you sure know how to sweep a girl off her feet with love and care. You fought for me fiercely this week as I was walking along dark dark valleys. You are a good, great, awesome God! And you blessed me with awesome, supportive, and loving friends. Thank you!

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