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If I can put my mind to resetting my goals of being healthy physically, for which emotional healthy is necessary, I figure I can reset my academic goals as well! I completed my PhD few months ago. My degree completion date, officially, 8/20/2021. So it’s been about three months. But I have done very little reading, writing, and revising of my dissertation. I wrote about trauma and affect theory, and the possibility of individual and communal healing. I have a conference paper to submit and present in early/mid January 2022, so that is my immediate academic goal. The title of the presentation paper, which I also hope will be publishable as an article (paper for article will be longer than conference version). How might I accomplish this goal when I have not been academically productive, barely reading and writing, in the past three months? Back to my basic secret to success. I sit down everyday in the morning when I wake up, and keep myself at the desk in front of my computer for couple hours everyday. As I think of completing the dissertation, it was as much accomplished by persistence of sitting my butt down in my chair, as it was by focusing my brain powers on reading and writing and rewriting. So yes, reset! I am resetting my academic goals!! Today. This morning. Now. Why wait when I can start now and feel creative/good/better/productive in the present moment?

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