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how to lose weight during the pandemic

I have now lost 35 lbs since April of this year, couple weeks into lock-down due to Covid19 pandemic. I thought my weight loss was going unnoticed or mostly just noticed by me and close friends and family. But yesterday my neighbor told me that everyday she and her mother in law comment on how I seemed to have lost more weight!

Weight loss is really about numbers. That is no secret. Create a calorie deficit: use more calories than you take in calories. I changed my eating pattern cutting out carbs that spike up my sugar level and watching portions of what I eat. For instance, I make my plate, according to portions I want to eat, then except for when I am really starving even after eating my entire plate, I don’t go for seconds. that’s it, one plate, done for dinner. Lunch portion control isn’t too difficult. But for some reason, before I started preparing my plate before I started eating, I would eat more and more and more until at last my brain had been notified 20 minutes ago, my stomach felt full!

I’ve heard others say this before, and I think it’s really true. If I can do it, so can you. I’m not a super hero, I don’t have magical powers. I am a normal human being. But it is true that you have to have good reasons that stick with you, good reasons for wanting to take care of your health and to try to lose weight. Mine this year came to be this amazing realization that I am worthy. I am worth the effort to go grocery shopping. I am worth the effort to cook at home, especially when I couldn’t go get take out food easily anyway. I am worth the effort to go on walks everyday, rain or shine, literally. I am worth all this time and effort because I am worthy of being taken care of by myself, and deserve to be loved by me, and I hope to live to see my nieces grow into adult hood, get married if they want to and maybe live to see grand nieces and nephews!


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