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moving target on the scale

Anyone else experience that your weight seems to be a constant moving target on the scale? This has been my recent experience. Rather than claiming up and up and up, or going down in a linear fashion, the number on the scale goes up, down, stays, then up and down. So I am realizing the number is not a good indicator of my health in the short term perspective.

What might be more reliable indicators are whether I’m feeling healthy, whether I have good mobility, and my mood being stable, how my clothes fit, etc. Well, it’s hard now a days in the summer time and working at home to see whether clothes fit snugly or just right. But over all, I have been feeling healthy, feel good about my body in terms of function and appearance. However, my blood pressure has been dipping low at times. My primary care physician thinks it’s due to dehydration. But I kid you not, I drink coffee in the morning, then water or tea non-stop throughout the day. The solution I came up with is to add a pinch, not by table spoon, of salt into the water I am drinking to help my blood pressure from going into low pressure range.

I mentioned in my last blog that at times focusing on my health, especially on losing weight, as being frivolous at times when people’s lives are at stake through mass shootings and our rights being taken away by the Supreme Court. I still feel that way sometimes. But especially in such difficult times in the external environment, what I can control – apart from voting every opportunity I get – is to focus on the things that I can change. I can control what I eat, I can control when and how I move my body, I can control when I get ready for bed, and it seems the list is short, but each of these decisions have a huge impact on my day to day health, not to mention that how I’m feeling each day also colors the way I think and respond to things in the world.

So I am encouraging myself and those who might be on the fence about feeling guilty about self-care to take one’s own health seriously and to continue to rest, sleep, move, and to eat healthy as if your life depends on it. Why? Because life, yes, your life, does depend on each and every decision you make through out the day, day in and day out.

Any wisdom about how to continue to take care of oneself during stressful days, feel free to leave a comment!

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